SPiiPlusCMNT - CMnt1202N0N0200WNNNU - Servo Motion Controller

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SPiiPlusCMNT - CMnt1202N0N0200WNNNU Servo Motion Controller with Built-in driver - for 2.5A... mehr
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SPiiPlusCMNT - CMnt1202N0N0200WNNNU
Servo Motion Controller with Built-in driver - for 2.5A continues current and incremental feedback


Number of Axes

1 or 2 axes (optional)

Motor types

2/3 Phase BLDC
2/3 Phase DC
Voice Coil
Stepper motor (Open and Closed loop)

Output Voltage/Current

120-375Vdc/up to 7.5 A continuous(peak is double)

Control Methods

Advanced PIV cascade structure
Gantry MIMO control
Dual feedback/ loop control
Disturbance rejection control
Gain Scheduling
ServoboostTM algorithum (Optional )
Loop shaping filters (Optional )

Servo Rate

Current ripple frequency: 40 kHz
Current loop sampling rate: 20 kHz
Programmable Current loop bandwidth: up to 5 kHz


Incremental digital encoders
Absolute Encoder
Hall sensors:two( a sets of three per axis)
5V feedback suuply (max 1A)
Sin-Cos Analog Encoder (From x4, to x4,096 frequency: 250kHz)
Resolver (12b resolution (4,096 counts/rev)

Comprehensive I/O

Safety inputs: Left and right limits
4 general-purpose / Registration MARK inputs,
2 general purpose / motor brake outputs (24V, 0.1A)
PEG (Position Event Generator) outputs,
2 analog inputs, ±10V,
±10V/SPI Interface

Analog Input I/O

Four inputs, Two outputs, ±10V, differential, 12 bit resolution. 20kHz sampling rate. The inputs can be used as feedback to the servo loops.

Power Suplies

Drive Supply: 12Vdc to 48Vdc
Control Supply: 15Vdc to 48Vdc (max: 15W)

Drive Protection

Over voltage
Under voltage
Phase-to-phase short circuit
Short to ground
Over current
Over temperature

Communication Interfaces

EtherCAT, In/Out (RJ45 connector)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

100x75x48 mm






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